• Born and based in Romania, Claudia Puiu has always been passionate about the painting world. Puiu's evolution into abstract and contemporary painting allowed her to refine her skills, discover new techniques and widen the range of her talent.

  • During the different stages of her life, she explored several painting styles until she became attracted to contemporary art and abstract compositions, expressed in a mixed media style deriving influence from pop and urban cultures.

  • In each painting, Puiu combines graffiti and collage portraits, using contrasting colors, mixing acrylics and spray paint to express the vibrant essence and atmosphere of her feelings. Occasionally gold leafs are added contributing to an aesthetic flare.

  • In many of her artworks, Puiu uses the female figures as her muses and she often translates her own life experiences and passions onto the canvas.

  • Puiu has particaped in art exhibitions in ENGLAND,SPAIN, SWEDEN.